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Fibromyalgia Testimonial

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Peggy G – Fibromyalgia Testimonial
Peggy G – Fibromyalgia Testimonial

I came to see Dr. Scranton because my husband had requested the information booklet from Dr. Scranton on Fibromyalgia and before I knew it we were in his office. I think of it as “the first day of living again.” I guess I didn’t realize how much the pain, the stiffness, the swelling, the headaches, the numbness in my hands and arms, the exhaustion and the irritability I felt daily was affecting my family as well.

I wasn’t a happy person, and not only did I feel the pain from Fibromyalgia so did my family. I couldn’t say anything positive because I didn’t feel well. I was angry and I remember saying to my husband if you only knew how much I hurt; if you could feel what I feel. That was horrible and I would never wish the pain and depression on anyone. My husband doesn’t hear negative, hurtful words anymore.

I went to Doctors, I have taken anti-depressants, Advil, Tylenol and I lived on Tylenol PM just to help me sleep sometimes with a cocktail just so I could get 4 hours of sleep. I have had cortisone shots also. That only helped for a few days and only in the spot of the injection.

After starting my treatment with Dr. Scranton I was able to move my head from side to side, drive my car with both hands on the wheel instead of switching off and on, pick up my grandkids without worrying I might drop them, going to bed without Tylenol PM and a cocktail, doing my job in a timely manner instead of dragging through it, shopping with my daughter and loving it. I am smiling more. I went to my daughters track meet and just looked across at the green field and I felt like I could and wanted to just run and do a cartwheel. Then I just thought ‘Yeah, I might be feeling better and I could probably still do a cartwheel but I would look funny.’ A forty-five year old doing a cartwheel in front of ‘a lot’ of people. I do have a few bad days but that is the point, I only have a ‘few’ bad days. I have A LOT of good days.

Now I am really glad that I decided to drive forty-five minutes each way, after working all day, to come see Dr. Scranton because I have my life back.

June H – Headache Testimonial
June H – Headache Testimonial

I have had headaches since grade school. Each time I read or heard a new cause of headaches, that’s what I had (stress, tension, change of weather, eyestrain, too much bright sun, etc.). Of course, what I ended up with was a litany of labels, but no cure! I took lots of over the counter pain relievers, hot showers, steam treatments, and several kinds of prescribed medications that were at best temporary cures– until the next time…

When a bad headache came on, I had to cancel commitments I had made, leave work early, or simply tried to “sleep it off”. And all the while holding down a job and being a wife and mother to four children.

In the summer of 2007, my husband suffered nerve damage in his leg and knee which doctors could not seem to cure, just mask the pain temporarily. He made an appointment with Dr. Scranton and within a month was feeling so much better! With continued treatment, he had resumed his lifestyle and took no medications at all.

With his great outcome with Dr. Scranton, my husband urged me to make an appointment. I was skeptical (I’d never had chiropractic care). The x-rays revealed I indeed had problems so I began treatment. After about six weeks, I began to notice my headaches were a thing of the past. Additionally, I felt more energetic and healthy—it’s difficult to describe but so great to experience!

I would never put my spine into the hands of anyone but Dr. Scranton—his talents were put to good use on me!

Greg F – Chronic Back Pain Testimonial
Greg F – Chronic Back Pain Testimonial

I had chronic back pain caused by Degenerative Disc Disease and Spinal Canal Stenosis in my lower back. This pain had been with me off and on for over 30 years! The back pain really became quite severe about 5 years ago and my ability to work and stay focused was really bad.

I could not produce at work like I use to be able. Even just walking short distances became hard to do. I didn’t sleep well with the pain in my shoulders and getting out of bed was extremely hard.

I used pain killers. I went to another chiropractor. I was sent to various Medical Doctors for testing and evaluation and was told I would have to have an operation on my lower back to correct the spinal stenosis.

At first the pain got worse and more intense and I could do very little. The pain started to go away after a number of visits to Dr. Scranton and now I am almost completely pain free and I can work a normal work week without any trouble. I take very little pain medication now.

Dr. Scranton has also helped me with my hands. I thought I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because my fingers were feeling like they were falling asleep. Dr. Scranton adjusted my hands and neck and now I have real good feeling in my hands and fingers which is real important in my line of work. (Auto body repair and mechanic)

Chris Z. – Fibromyalgia Testimonial
Chris Z. – Fibromyalgia Testimonial

I came to Dr. Scranton's office because I have Fibromyalgia and back problems and have dealt with severe pain, depression, fatigue, migraines, restless leg syndrome, and Menieres disease to mention just a few.

I worked at the Department of Veterans Affairs, a very stressful job, and had to do a lot of typing, bending over paperwork and filing. I noticed at that point I was having problems and had to miss a lot of work. I was having pain in my neck, back, shoulders and severe headaches and nausea. I also taught dancing for years and had to give that up too.

After that I was having a hard time even remembering what I was doing or what I was saying. At home I was always on edge, jumping down everyone's throat (most of the time for no reason) really because I was frustrated and in so much pain. Everything that happened in my life I blew out of proportion and managed not only to stress myself out even more, but everyone else around me. Family started avoiding me. At first I thought to myself ‘good because they don’t care about me and can’t possibly understand what I am going through.’ After awhile I couldn’t even stand being with myself and the way I was hurting other people. It was so frustrating that everyone around me could not see or understand the pain and things that were making me the way I was. They would say ’you look fine’, and so what if I had a little pain and they’d tell me to go get help. I had been trying to get help for years but I just wasn’t going to the right place until I found Dr. Scranton and his staff.

My problems prevented me from doing most everything people take for granted everyday of their lives. I couldn’t sit or stand for long periods of time. Forget bending over without becoming completely dizzy and having nausea. Any movement which involved bending slightly forward or looking down was impossible. Things like making the bed, sweeping the floor, shaking out the rugs, brushing my hair, reading, computer work, the list is endless. I couldn’t look up for fear of falling nor could I turn my head from side to side and couldn’t raise my arms any further than up to my chest. Life was not that great. All of the work that I did had to be done completely at eye level which was difficult with most tasks.

Prior to coming to Dr. Scranton’s office I had been going to chiropractors since I was a few months old. I have had acupuncture, physical therapy, water therapy, whirlpools and still was not getting better. I even went to a doctor who specialized in Fibromyalgia. Worst mistake of all. I have nicknamed this particular doctor “Pill Pusher.” I used over the counter drugs trying to just get through the day without pain and nausea which had little effect.

Dr. “Pill Pusher” gave me so many different kinds of drugs had I continued to take them I would have had another problem, being addicted to drugs. These drugs made me nauseated. The pills he gave me for depression made me more depressed. I stopped taking all the medications and stopped going to that doctor. Apparently that doctor thought I was a nut case because of all the depression medications he gave me.

After I started coming to Dr. Scranton’s office, even after the first visit and adjustment, I noticed I had a lot less pressure in my neck, head and back. Also the feeling of hope that I was really going to get better this time returned. My life has already improved because I am feeling so much better physically and mentally. My relationships at home has greatly improved. My family isn’t running away from me like they did. They can see a big difference in me. They don't completely understand why things are changing but I am working on trying to explain it to them. Other people in my life are starting to notice a change. My dad says “my old daughter is back” and my mom sees that I am so much more relaxed and happier and not in so much pain. My friends say “Wow. You can smile.”

I know I have finally come to the right doctor who is going to help me reach the kind of life I used to have and want to have back again. So many years in so much pain and things lost that I can’t get back. I thought I was going to have to live with this for the rest of my life but I am not. There really is hope and help for each of us. Dr. Scranton is the most caring doctor I have been to and truly wants to help you get better. He listens, answers your questions, takes so much time with you. How many doctors can you say do that? I am on the road to recovery finally and to a much happier life. Thank you Dr. Scranton and staff.

If you have doubts when you come in please don’t just come for one initial visit and then quit, Or come in two times and say you are not getting better. It will take a little time. Do you believe in miracles? I never did until now. Please let Dr. Scranton and his staff be your miracle too.

Deborah T – Hip and Back Pain Testimonial

I was in severe pain in my hips and back! I truly felt as if my back was breaking and that my left hip was broken. I had no strength in my left hip. I had to lift my leg with my hands to get into the car and to get into and out of bed. My work suffered because my pain was so awful. It took me 3 times as long to complete tasks. I would cry out to my God to help me endure the pain and send someone to help me fix what was wrong.

I love to walk, but had to limit my walk time because the pain was so severe and I couldn’t climb the steps to get back into my house. Mostly, I worked and came home and went to bed because of the pain. When I sat down I could barely get up again (without help). I felt like my mother with all her pain.

I went to a chiropractor for over 20 years. It helped some. I went to my M.D. and he gave me pills and more pills. Then he said I could have surgery if it got worse. I used drugs that were taken off the market (pain killers).

I am able to sleep and smile again. The pain is manageable now. I feel so much better!! Thank God for you Dr. Scranton.

Erin R. – TMJ Testimonial

After being rear-ended in a car accident in I developed TMJ (a popping/ cracking of the jaw). Yawning, sneezing, chewing gum and eating some of my favorite foods became painful. At times, my jaw would feel somewhat “locked” and I’d have to massage it to open or close it. I also developed pains in my right leg, which I thought at the time was a pulled muscle.

The TMJ prevented me from enjoying foods like salads, chips, crackers, gum or anything requiring a lot of chewing. The leg pain prevented me from aerobic work outs such as jogging, using the elliptical machine etc.

For the TMJ I first saw a chiropractor. He referred me to a dentist. The dentist referred me to a physical therapist. I spent nearly 6 months in physical therapy, which improved the condition, but only temporarily. My M.D. prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, which had no effect. I was told that TMJ was a condition I might just have to learn to live with.

For the limping and muscle pain in my right leg, I was treated by a chiropractor, but the relief was less than 24 hours. My M.D. told me to take 800mg of Ibuprofen twice daily for swelling.

After just a few sessions with Dr. Scranton I noticed increased mobility in my jaw. My limping in my right leg also disappeared after a few adjustments of my hip which was out of alignment causing my leg pain. After a few months of adjustments to my neck and jaw I can now enjoy some of the foods I couldn’t before. I have increased mobility and have learned ways to minimize my reoccurrence of the TMJ.

Helinda G. -Tingling and Numbness Testimonial

I had tingling on my left side, a burning sensation and a sharp pain in my lower back. I had numbness in my upper back, tight nerves and a bone out of place in my spine. It caused a lot of discomfort. I quit my job due to my poor ability to lift. At home I was always grumpy. I even felt old. I was in so much discomfort that I was depressed.
It didn’t let me have a normal life. I couldn’t pick up and play with my two daughters, clean up my house, work in the garden or enjoy a walk. I couldn’t hang out with my friends and my face reflected an expression of pain. I was afraid to apply for a job because it needed physical lifting.

My family doctor told me that my back pain was due to my gall-bladder, so he sent me to a surgeon to remove it. After surgery the pain was still there. Before that I saw another chiropractor but he fixed one side and the problem would move to another part of my body.

Things have changed since seeing Dr. Scranton. Day by day, visit by visit the pain has disappeared. My life has changed. I feel younger, now I’m dancing and singing. I can concentrate better on every task I do. I’m looking for a job. My family is happier because I’m not as stressed at home. My body was like an old car that had the red “check engine” lights on; fortunately I found Dr. Scranton and he fixed my problem and put me back on the road to good health.

Jim L. – Numbness in feet testimonial

I came to see Dr. Scranton because I was feeling numbness in my feet. Being Diabetic, this was very concerning to me.

I had received treatment from another Chiropractor for several months, but the condition was getting worse. My Medical Doctor wanted to do painful and expensive tests with no assurance of actually fixing the problem.

After completing just half of Dr. Scranton’s personalized care plan, not only is the numbness going away, but my whole body feels more aligned.

My problem areas (neck, lower back, and hips), feel much better and more flexible than they have in years. Thank you Dr. Scranton!

Marie H. – Back Pain Testimonial

Last November, I picked up my 5 month old grandson from his playpen and injured my back. I was also noticing quite a bit of pain in my jaw during this same period of time.

I could hardly move after the back injury. And as far as my jaw was concerned it got increasingly worse. I could not open my mouth fully and it was very painful to even eat.
I took pain medication and saw another chiropractor for awhile. However I needed long term chiropractic care and Dr. Scranton offered me a long term program which included care for my husband. This was great!

I started seeing Dr. Scranton in January and had 3 visits a week. Eventually, I went to two visits a week, and am now down to once a week. My back feels great and my jaw pain is completely gone. He worked with my jaw on each visit to get it realigned. I am grateful for his help and knowledge. He’s the best!

Nellie H. – Neck Pain Testimonial

My husband was constantly having problems with his back and needed to find a Chiropractor but didn’t know who. Our son-in-law was going to Dr. Scranton and we made an appointment.

I decided to go too because I had been having heaviness on my neck and shoulder blades. I felt like I was carrying 10-20lbs on my shoulders. I had open heart surgery and I was not able to sleep without 2 pillows. I also had lower back pain and hip pain.

The weight on my shoulder meant that I could not hold my head up without thinking about it. When my head was up, I had a hard time breathing freely. I would massage my neck. I took supplements and tried exercise. I complained a lot.

My neck has never felt better. The pressure has been lifted with each visit. I can sleep without 2 pillows. My new comfort level is great, but the greatest effect that I have had is relief going to the bathroom to urinate 3-4 times a night. Now, seldom do I have to get up and go. I sleep all night, what a delight. My adjustments also helped with better movement in my hips.

I am positive that continued care of my condition will cause my health to improve with each adjustment– that is wellness care! I am really thankful that I have he opportunity to come for care at an affordable cost. Thanks Dr. Scranton!

More Testimonials

Alice A.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Scranton for 6 months (since I was 18 months old). My mom started coming here and after talking with Dr. Scranton regarding my ear infections, she decided to start bringing me here too. My ear infections started when I was 4 months old and I had one about every 2 months (had 5 within a 12 month period). My last ear infection was February 2007. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Scranton…I haven’t had one. If I wouldn’t have started seeing him, I might have had 3 more during this 6 month timeframe (based upon my having one every 2 months).
It was kind of scary at first…see, I didn’t like to see doctors in white coats…since all they do is give me shots. The first 2 times, I was scared and even cried because I didn’t know what was happening to me. But after every adjustment, I stopped crying. Now when my mom and I come, I just walk into the room (even though he’s wearing a white coat) and I’m fine. I’ve been twisted like a pretzel (as he says) or lie on my stomach (and look through the magic hole) when he adjusts me and I’m just fine. The part I like the best is when he rolls the instrument up and down my back to find out where the “bad” areas are. I think that tickles.
Now, I feel good and I’m in better health and I enjoy my visits to the office…especially since Tacia gives me stickers after each appointment.

Amanda R.
I came to the office because I was having lower back pain and a lot of headaches. I had problems teaching and focusing with all the headaches. Some may say I was crabby when I was hurting. I had also been in previous car accidents that made my back hurt.
I had a hard time focusing at work. I also had a hard time sleeping at night.
I used to take Tylenol, Aleve, Excedrin Migraine. I put heat and ice on me as well. No matter what I tried nothing seemed to work.
After I started coming, my headaches began to stop. In about a month I had no headaches at all. This has made me a happier person to be around.
Now I can get a full nights sleep and be rested in the morning. I wake up feeling better and have no pain in my lower back.

Anna D.
I have had back trouble off and on for more than thirty years. This year proved to be especially difficult. In the spring my right knee began collapsing when I flexed, making stairs quite a task. After vigorous spring cleaning and carrying boxes to the basement I developed severe back and leg pain and went to the emergency room. At the hospital I fell several times. My knee would no longer support me. Once home, I fell very hard on the entrance steps.
I could no longer walk up and down stairs the “normal” way. Curbs were also a hazard. I could not lift very much weight. Walking at malls and stores was limited. Standing while cooking would make my right thigh numb. Doing laundry was torture.
Following the emergency room visit, I saw my family physician who referred me to a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon prescribed Percodan for pain and advised weight loss and exercise. Also, 6 weeks of physical therapy for my back. At the end of the 6 weeks my right leg still collapsed and I could not lift it out to the side. I had an orthopedic surgeon look at my knee. He only found some arthritis. He advised 6 weeks of physical therapy for the knee. At the end of 6 weeks things were worse. My exercises had to be made easier. So physical therapy was extended. I quit at the end of week 7 of knee therapy because my leg (not just my knee) hurt so much. My physical therapist said I should be evaluated for Multiple Sclerosis and Lou Gering’s Disease (ALS) because my gait was so eccentric and I could not control my right leg. By this time I was tired of doctors and wasn’t sure what to do.
After what I’d been through I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised at how the adjustments helped me. It took a bit of time to notice changes. First, it seemed like my hip joint got stronger. Then I noticed I was able to walk without hating the way it felt. (My old gait improved.) It seemed muscle control was coming back. Now I can walk for longer periods of time and at a faster stride. Also, I am able to sleep more than 2 hrs at a time and lately my energy level seems higher and my appetite seems more controlled.

Doreen K.
I met Dr. Scranton at the Women’s Health Fair. I was in the midst of trying to recover from a severe pelvic strain due to a work injury. I also had neck surgery back in 2004 and was told by my neurosurgeon that my lost mobility in my neck was permanent.
The pain in my pelvic area and inflammation was unbearable. I couldn’t sleep through a whole night and couldn’t sleep on my side either. Sitting was also painful and I felt nauseas, cranky, was short of breath, suffered from depression and stress due to not feeling well at all.
I had one to another chiropractor and was taking Aleve 24 hours a day. I had reached a peak and was not improving which caused my stress level and depression to escalate out of control. I was so tired and drained mentally and emotionally.
My depression lifted. I was sore on some days but I stared to improve on an upscale weekly. Now I can sleep through the night and on my side. Also the movement and flexibility in my neck has increased 100% which I hadn’t had since the surgery in 2004. I am very thankful for that. I feel 100% better!!
Plus learning about chiropractic care and future regular maintenance visits will help my degenerative disk disease in my neck and lower back to stabilize and save me from future neck surgeries. It’s a blessing in my life. My mental and emotional outlook on my future and all areas relationships has improved.

Eddie H.
One day I said to Dr. Scranton, “I wish you worked on feet. My feet really hurt.” He replied, “I do work on feet.”
So bring a clean pair of socks, and let Dr. Scranton relieve your foot pain. He also can make a mould of your feet, and provide you with orthodics.
Now I can say that Dr. Scranton helps me feel better from the top of my head, to the tips of my toes. He has relieved my sinus infections, back pains, shoulder pain, pain from arthritic fingers, and now my aching feet.

Jill A.
I’ve suffered for over 20 years with chronic back problems. I’ve been to 5 other chiropractors complaining of the same problems for all those years… to include what I called my “computer hump” (that part just below your neck where your shoulder and neck meet). During this time the following has occurred:
2 MRIs
The neurosurgeon gave me steroid shots (3 of them)
The orthopedic surgeon wanted to operate (no way)
I had gastric by-pass surgery
I went through physical therapy and acupuncture
I had a breast reduction
Have taken anti-inflammatories and muscles relaxers for over 12 years

For the past 17 years, I’ve become a “self-cracker” to try to relieve the stress and pain from the “computer hump” area and the middle of my back. I would bend my arms and throw them towards my back. Then whipped my neck from side-to-side to get everything to crack (this happened about 5 times per hour). My co-workers would always say that I was “taking flight”.

In April 2006 I started seeing signs of what might be carpal tunnel. In August 2006 I saw my family doctor that sent me to a neurologist for tests. It turned out that it wasn’t carpal tunnel and they felt it might be a pinched nerve. Well, after an MRI and 22 physical therapy/chiro/acupuncture treatments (over 7 weeks) I still saw no relief (and even threw my lower back out during the process).

After a few discussions, it was thought that a breast reduction might help, so I found a plastic surgeon and had surgery in January 2007. In March 2007 (2 months after my surgery), I still had no relief.

One day I was reading Dr. Scranton’s article in the paper. I thought, “it couldn’t hurt” to try another chiro because the one I was still seeing (for the therapy) wasn’t working.

After my first adjustment, I felt IMMEDIATE relief from my “computer hump”. I made a deal to him that I would stop “self-adjusting” and since that FIRST ADJUSTMENT, I have not felt the need to “self-adjust” anymore and broke that habit immediately. Every adjustment since then has been a MIRACLE for me because after 20 years of chiro treatments and chronic back pain, I feel that I’ve found “THAT” chiro that can make the difference in my life to heal me and give me my life back. Especially now because I have an 8 year old and an 18 month old and I’ll be able to do more things with them as they are growing up…. More then what I would have been able to if I had continued the “old way”.

I talk about how good I feel all the time, that after 4 week of coming here I’m not taking any muscle relaxers or pain pills for the first time in 12 years. Now I’ve referred my parents here and my 18 month old daughter Alice is under chiropractic care!

Judith F.
Before coming to see Dr. Scranton my lower back, hip, thigh, and leg were extremely painful. It hurt me to lift more than five pounds. My legs were wobbly and so was my walking.
I had to quit hanging my wash outside. Getting my flowerbeds ready for winter was hurting my lower back and leg. I ended up hiring someone to finish the job. I started walking off balance and eventually was using a cane part of the time. I had to ask people to lift heavy objects and move things for me, which included pushing, which hurt doing. This went against my character not to do for myself and it was hard to ask for help (pride).
I was going to 2 different chiropractors for quite some time. One of the chiropractors stated that since they weren’t helping me they would recommend me to an orthopedic surgeon. I went, and he took x-rays of my spine 9/18/2006. Those 2 chiropractors and the others I’ve gone to over the years had never taken x-rays of my spine like Dr. Scranton did. The orthopedic Dr. sent me 9/25/2006 or an M.R.I. He put me on Celebrex but I had to quit taking it after 3-4 days, because it caused even more swelling in my leg. Hydrocodine is a pain medicine he prescribed for pain, since I hadn’t been able to sleep, because the pain in my lower back and leg. This helped me sleep a little better. I went back to the orthopedic surgeon 10/6/2006 with the M.R.I. And he showed me bone spurs in L3, L4 and some in L5, and where the arthritis was down my spine. He then referred me to a spine doctor 10/11/2006, who verified what the orthopedic said and also, that I had arthritis in my lower back and knee. On October 17, 2006 they had me get a cortisone shot in my spine (ouch). That worked fine and I was able to do yard work, until it started to wear off before the end of Nov. 2006. While I was going through all this they also had me going to physical therapy
I was also referred by the orthopedist to a neurologist 10-9-2006 for the tremors in my hands. I was checked over from head to toe and put on Gabapentin for the tremors, which did not help much. Dec. 18, 2006 I went back and was put on Primidone. I’m now taking from the spine doctor Tramadol for pain instead of Hydrocodine, but it does not help my legs much through the night.
Dec. 6, 2006 I was walking across the parking lot at church with this lady, and I told her about my agony and she told me about Dr. Scranton and how I sounded just like her before she went to Dr. Scranton, but he even helped her get out of her wheelchair. At that point I had a decision to make whether to go to my cortisone shot appointment or go the next day to Dr. Scranton. Since the cortisone shot didn’t solve the problem before I cancelled that appointment and have done exactly what Dr. Scranton has told me to do.
By the end of Dec. 2006 I was mostly carrying my cane, instead of using it. Jan. 10, 2007 I am no longer taking my cane into the stores with me. When going out to the mail box I realized my walking was much faster and improved and I am not feeling off balance as I did before. I am now able to do light shoveling and feel more like doing work in my house.

Robert G. F.
I have chronic back pain caused by deteriorated disc in my lower back and spinal stenosis. This pain has been with me off and on for over thirty years. The back pain became quite severe five years ago and the ability to work and stay focused was really hard.
I could not produce at work like I used to and just walking a short distance became hard to do. I didn’t sleep well with pain in my shoulders and getting out of bed was extremely hard.
I used pain killers. I went to another chiropractor. I was sent to different doctors for testing and evaluation and was told to have an operation on my back for spinal stenosis.
At first the pain got more intense and I could do very little. The pain stared to go away after a few more visits to Dr. Rob and now I am almost completely pain free and I can work a normal week without any trouble. I take very little pain medication now.
Dr. Rob has also helped with my hands. I thought I had carpel tunnel because my fingers were feeling like they were falling asleep. Dr. Rob adjusted my hand and now I have good feeling in them and that really helps in my line of work.

Shirley S.
I had pain on the right side of my head. Around my ear for about 2 weeks. One morning when I got up the left side of my mouth went down and began to droop. I could not close my right eye and was not able to blink. I told my daughter what was going on and she thought I might have had a stroke so she insisted I go to the emergency room to be checked out.
After doing some tests they decided to keep me in the hospital for more tests, M.R.I and blood work. They determined it was Bells Palsy. I kept telling them it’s an inflamed nerve. After 2 days they put me on mega doses of steroids and released me to go home, still with pain. I decided to go see Dr. Scranton.
After the first treatment from Dr. Scranton something ‘broke loose’. I felt it the next mornin g; it was better. After the 4th treatment, it was over with. My mouth is straight again and my eye is completely normal again. The inflammation is gone.
When I first came to Dr. Scranton for treatment 5 years ago I couldn’t look up without getting dizzy. He started doing chiropractic adjustments on me and all of that cleared up too. Hip pain– I couldn’t walk the stairs, he adjusted me and that cleared up immediately too. Good work Dr. Scranton.

Alex K.
The first week of cross country practice, I had taken my training to a level I had not ever attained, and I started to feel a very uncomfortable and intense pain in my knee after I had finished a run. The pain persisted into the next days run and I realized it might not just be muscle soreness. I took a day off, and the pain subsided. My next attempt at running brought back the same pain. Worrying that I might be injured and my senior cross country season ruined, I became depressed and irritable with my family and friends.
I wasn’t able to continue at the same level of training I had been progressing through all summer as the pain continued to bother my knee, my lower thigh, and my upper shin as I ran. If not treated my training would have had to include frequent days off and periodic days of running, preventing me from pushing my body to the place I needed it to be to achieve my goals.
Before coming to Dr. Scranton, I tried icing my knee and I also took anti-inflammatories (advil) to relieve the pain but their temporary relief didn’t work. I considered going to a physical therapist, but on the advice of my dad, who had spoken with Dr. Scranton, I chose to try chiropractic, despite being skeptical at first.
Upon receiving my first few weeks of chiropractic care, the pain in my knee has almost completely vanished. Apparently, a subluxation caused by my hips was causing pain in my knee and mid leg. With Dr. Scranton’s adjustments to my hips my body is being given the opportunity to heal and fix itself and movement in my hips has greatly improved. My mood has considerably changed, as I am much more positive now that I can continue my training and continue to achieve my goals.

Anthony L
I have always known about chiropractic care growing up in the Quad Cities and through my wife who has been a long believer. My wife had been asking me to see someone because of my back, headaches, the fact that I’m aging and allergies.
I have had headaches as long as I can remember l asting for days which would stop me from working, going fishing and just sitting up-right at night to read and relax.
At times I would take 8-12 pain relievers a day before seeing Dr. Scranton.
It’s been a few weeks now with Dr. Scranton and with a few adjustments I noticed right away the headaches are gone. My back still aches a little but it is allowing my body the freedom to fish more, sit at night and relax to read. I don’t rely on pain killers every day.

Bessie N.
I had arthritis in my knees and my legs real bad. And they would swell up all the time. I had a lot of kidney infections, too. I had high blood pressure, too. I had never been to a chiropractor, and I wasn’t a believer.
I talked to a lady who had arthritis in her legs and couldn’t walk very good.
My legs and knees don’t swell up, and that was within a month of coming. My kidney infections are a lot better. My high blood pressure is better too. I can sleep better at nights and everything with my legs. Before I could only lay in certain positions. It’s really done a lot of good.

Brian D.
Been to a couple chiros before, my experience with them is pretty much tended to be the same thing time and time again even though my symptoms would change. I felt that in some instances I was making progress, but in other areas there were improvements to be made.
The symptoms I was having were broad anywhere from my lower back into my neck, which I thought had a lot to do with my s plitting headaches. In my lower The symptoms I was having were broad anywhere from my lower back into my neck, which I thought had a lot to do with my splitting headaches. In my back I was seeing improvements, but I saw no progress with my splitting headaches. And that was what I was having the problems with was the headaches.
I’ve been coming about 3-4 weeks, and I haven’t had a headache in that time. I usually would have a headache once a week. I don’t have near the problems in my lower back either. You use a pretty broad spectrum of treatments and I think that works well for both the headaches and the lower back. I’m really, really pleased.

Corinne G.
I have suffered for years with severe migraine headaches, neck pain, and occasional lower back and hip pain. I frequently woke up during the night with severe neck pain and was not able to go back to sleep. Then in the morning sometimes the pain would get less but many times would develop into a headache that would last for days
I have always enjoyed home decorating projects and gardening. However, after a short time of looking upward or stooping, I would develop a lot of pain in my neck and back and many times the neck pain would lead to another headache. This pain forced me to curtail the activities that I enjoy.
During my working career, I sat at a desk and computer all day and suffered with frequent migraines, I went to many different doctors seeking relief, medical orthopedic, Neurologists and Gynecologists (even a Chiropractor and had a very bad experience). All prescribed different medications and treatment. They all told me there was no way to prevent the migraines because they were hereditary and there was no cure.
A friend gave me a free workshop with Doctor Scranton. Although I was skeptical whether he would be able to help me, I decided to give him a chance. That was one of the best choices I have ever made.

After my past experiences and no relief, I can’t begin to give enough credit to Dr. Scranton and what he has done for me. After only one visit, I felt completely comfortable with him and knew he was someone I could trust and who had the knowledge and ability to help me. I now sleep through the night and wake up without neck pain. I’m looking forward to getting back to those activities I enjoy. The lower back is progressing a little slower but is de finitely improving. Like Dr. Scranton said, “It took years to develop the problems so it takes awhile to correct it,”

Danielle D.
When I was 16, I hurt my shoulder badly in car accident. For 7 years, I had pain in my shoulder daily and could use it only minimally. I also ha d back and back pain that bothered me very frequently. I also had problems with digestion, nausea, and heartburn.
My shoulder pain prevented me from participating in sports and exercise that involved arm use. It also kept me awake many nights. It was on my mind constantly. My neck and back pain prevented me from lifting any heavy objects and also disturbed my sleep.
I went to many doctors that said my shoulder would require surgery. I also went to other chiropractors that were unable to help my shoulder or my neck and back. For my stomach problems, I took many anti-nausea, medications and antacids.
Wow- where do I start? Right away, I noticed improvement in my shoulder. I never have pain in my shoulder anymore, and I can use it with no problem now. It’s amazing. My neck and back almost never bother me either. I didn’t know chiropractic could help my stomach, but it has. I no longer have any problems with nausea, heartburn or digestion. I also sleep undisturbed now.

Aaron, Jane, Nicole and Joshua E.
Jane “Pain down my back leg (Sciatic nerve), severe pain at times especially running, and shooting pains. It made me irritable and affected my sleep.”
Aaron “ Headaches, and neck aches. I was irritable especially with headaches that wouldn’t go away.”
Joshua “Ear infections”
Didn’t prevent us from really doing anything just made normal every day things uncomfortable and woke up during the night sometimes with leg pain and neck pain. Jane also felt pain when using stairs. Joshua’s sleep was affected when he woke several times a night.

What did you do for the problems?
Jane “ Nothing except tried stretching.”
Aaron “Tylenol and Ibuprofen for headaches.”
Joshua “Antibiotics”
What happened to you after you started chiropractic?
Jane “Amazing how fast the pain faded away after each adjustment. Aaron is happier to not hear me complain.” 🙂
Aaron “Less headaches and neck pain. I’m more comfortable doing everyday things. I’m less irritable and cranky.” 🙂
Joshua “NO EAR INFECTIONS and he’s sleeping much better at night.”
Well rested parents, well rested children equals a very happy family.
I didn’t want to leave Nicole out but she’s a pretty healthy child. She has had some adjustments and at her young age realizes that Dr. Scranton has made us “feel better.” She eagerly asks if it’s “her turn” to get adjusted!

Daniel F.
My lower back ached when I stood up for too long. My back would ‘crack’ and ‘pop’ out of place when lifting anything. I’d wake up in the middle of the night with my hands and lower arms numb. Turning my head at all would cause ‘popping’ sounds.
I wasn’t able to do any heavy lifting and walking for long periods. It was very painful.
I’d take 4-6 Advil to try and lessen the back ache to a tolerable level. I would use some vicodin and that would help me to sleep.
I am now able to lift heavy weights and I can go walking now without pain. I don’t have to pop my neck to get relief from stiffness. I can go through the nights again without pain.

and Lisa F.
I cam to Dr. Rob’s office because my lower back was making me miserable. It happened while I was pregnant with my son. It was so bad that I was missing out playing with my son and chasing him around. I was glued to the couch as a result of the pain, so I wasn’t much fun to be around.
The pain prevented me from being a ‘reasonable’ parent because I hurt so much I wasn’t able to deal with my son’s needs.
I had been to another chiropractor that didn’t do a lick of good. My doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer because she thought I had muscle spasms. I took so much Advil that it started to mess up my stomach more than it already was.
My lower back pain is virtually non-existent. I pretty much can run circles around my husband and my son because I have more energy. I also can play with my son and get down on his level. I feel that I am a more effective parent and can tend to my families needs.

Jack M.
My back ached all the time, I went to doctors and chiropractors for over 20 years. Until I started seeing Dr. Scranton I hadn’t had any lasting relief from my pain. Also had trouble sleeping and now I’m sleeping better and feel like I have more energy.
With constant back pain I didn’t feel like doing anything other than trying to get as much rest as possible. I was also grumpy from the pain and lack of sleep.
I noticed that my pain was less and I felt better longer. I get better sleep and I’m not as grumpy. So I feel like doing more and have more energy. I’m looking forward to starting an exercise program and losing weight. I would recommend Dr. Scranton to anyone who needs chiropractic care.

Jason M.
I’ve been going to several different chiropractors over the course of several years, only to find temporary relief. You don’t know the role your spine plays until something is out of alignment and causes a subluxation. I would be very irritable, moody, and had a hard time sleeping. A had received Dr. Scranton’s letter in the newspaper and decided to give it a shot. I was tired of the temporary fix and was hoping with the x-rays, to get more information on my situation and a more long-term fix.
The problem with my lower back prevented me from sitting for extended periods of time. So When my wife and I would go on vacations, it would literally be a pain in the neck to drive. And as far as a good nights sleep, No Way!
I never really popped a lot of pain killers, or tried the acupuncture thing. I did visit a l ot of different Chiropractors, never fining the long-term fix I was looking for.
Life after seeing Dr. Scranton has been much better. My personality has improved, along with my sleeping habits, working habits, and when I go to the gym I’ve noticed a difference in how much I can lift. So I think it’s safe to say visiting Dr. Scranton was one of the best choices I’ve made. I know that I’m on the right track to overall better health, and a better way of life.

Jeannie T.
I started coming to see Dr. Scranton because I basically couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. It was very scary no t being able to bend over before I got a shower due to my back and hip hurting so bad. The pain made it very difficult to do my job as well as spend any quality time with my grandchild. My energy level had diminished and I no longer had the desire to do the things I loved most.
I tried doing strengthening exercises, taking lots of Tylenol and lots of hot showers. Nothing I did lasted more than 1 hour, then the pain would return.
Then I discovered Dr. Scranton’s ad in the newspaper. I am very excited to let you know how much Dr. Scranton and Chiropractic care has helped me. I am now able to “LEAP” out of bed. I enjoy my time with my grandson which includes playing ball and playing on the floor for long periods and yes getting up without help. My posture has improved as well as my hip and back no longer cause me pain. Another symptom that I used to have was that my knees use to pop every time I would get up or bend over. My knees no longer do this. I feel 10 years younger, I no longer have pain in my back and hips as well as the “extra” feature– no popping knees.
My energy level has increased tremendously and I no longer keep Tylenol in business. All these wonderful things in just a few short months. Thank you Dr. Scranton.

John B.
I was coming in with Pat and got talking with Robyn. She reminded me that I should get a chiropractic adjustment, it had been awhile since I had had one. I’ve had problems with my left hand clenching up like a claw, almost locked in position and I was unable to move my fingers. I’ve had restless leg syndrome for years which is uncontrolled jumping movements. My left knee pain was causing a loss of balance at times when I was standing.
With my hand I was unable to move fingers or pick anything up.
My left leg pain and jumping caused a lack of sleep at times.
When I stood my left knee would feel as though it was giving way or falling.
I tried relaxing and resting in different positions. I tried a warm blanket to calm the pain. I mostly just lived with the problems.
My hand has not clenched or locked up since my first chiropractic adjustment. I noticed right away a difference in how my hand felt. Must be the nerves leading to my hand. My posture feels straighter when I stand and sit. It feels like I grew a few inches. I also have less frequent leg jumps.

John T.
Pain, soreness, pain, in my back, my shoulders, my legs. Ever since I’ve been coming up here now I hardly feel any of it anymore. I’m still a little sore here and there but nothing serious. My legs, my right leg, I couldn’t hardly tell where I was setting it when I walk and I lost my balance. Now it’s like it was it’s perfect now.
~ I had a back injury on the job and I had 2 surgeries and trigger injection. I was still in a lot of pain for 7 years. The back surgeries didn’t help I just had more pain. I’ve had headaches and lots of pain in my shoulders, arms, back and all the way down my legs.
Because of the pain, and I was hurting. I got your letter in the mail and my wife and I decided to check it out and see if it would work or not. Doctors hadn’t done me any good in seven years, a little over seven years I’ve been going to them and it was just another pill or two. So this has helped me more than those doctors ever did.
~ My wife found the advertising and I read it and decided to try it because nothing else had worked.
Every time seems to be getting better. I had real bad headaches and everything. They are all gone. Since the fourth time I came, I haven’t had any headaches. No pain in my legs, and my back. He worked on it last week and now I can barely feel that in there anymore. I’m doing about 100%.
~ I came up and he (Dr. Scranton) explained what he’d do after the x-rays. I agreed to it. I have visited 7 times and every visit helps. My headaches are gone and the pain in my arms and shoulder are gone. I don’t have as much pain in my feet and legs. Believe me I was in a lot of pain. When I first came here Doctor said it would take time and couldn’t do it all at once. Believe me it is really working for me.

Katyln H.
We brought Katlyn to see Dr. Scranton because she has always had a lot of ear infections. This one happened to be her ninth one in nine months. We were getting frustrated with putting her on antibiotics every month only for another ear infection to come right back within a couple weeks. We wanted to heal her instead of continuing to just treat the infection.
Katlyn would leave school early or even miss school due to constant ear infections. She would wake up in the middle of the night crying because of the pain in her ears.
Katlyn had her ninth ear infection, so back to the pediatrician we went and he said this was definitely a double ear infection, so when he went to write the prescription, I told him we had discussed prior to this that the next ear infection we would try a chiropractor– so we left with no prescription and Dr. Scranton adjusted Katlyn 2 or 3 times the first week and we used ear drops to numb the pain. In 2 weeks we went back to the pediatrician to have her ears checked and both ears were free of any infection. PRAISE THE LORD! An answered prayer!
We started seeing Dr. Scranton in early September and we have been nearly 2 months with no ear infections. We were concerned about the number of ear infections because we were told they could eventually effect hearing. Hopefully we found the answer. We do bring her in every couple of weeks now to be adjusted and keep her well!! Dr. Scranton has been awesome for Katlyn and our family!! Thank-you Dr. Scranton.

Laura R.
My lower back hurt more often than not. I was eating pain relievers like they were candy. This provided only temporary relief but noting long term. I would be grouchy and irritable. I would focus on my nagging pain. It seemed as if my favorite phrase was “My back hurts”! I knew I wanted to go to a Chiropractor but didn’t know who to go to. I used lots of pain meds. I’d occasionally go see my D. O. and I went to the Palmer Research Clinic but they didn’t provide the relief I needed. I also cried a lot!
Sometimes my pain was so bad I would need to take a muscle relaxer. This wou ld totally knock me out. And even the next day I would still be groggy from taking them. I would still do things I needed to do i.e. mopping floors, but because my back would hurt, I found I wouldn’t give 100%.
After only a few visits I began to realize I wasn’t thinking about my back, the reason being: It didn’t hurt constantly. At first, I was very skeptical. I though “No way, can going to a Chiro work so fast.” However, I realized it wasn’t coincidence; my back really and truly wasn’t hurting hardly at all. I’ve only been seeing Dr. Rob for a little over a month, but I can honestly say my pain is almost completely gone. I now have more pain free days. I’m very anxious to see what my life is going to be like 6 months from now. Instead of saying “My back hurts” – I’m positive I’ll be saying “What back pain???”

Lora H.
I had sharp pains in the midsection of my back and my lower back was always tense and sore. It seemed like I had a headache everyday. I had had foot surgery, as well, to correct heel spurs but that was causing a lot of pain in the arches of my feet. I used lots and lots of ibuprofen and went to the foot Doctor for the heel spurs.
I used to go hiking a lot and because of the pain in my feet, I couldn’t. I also didn’t enjoy going out due to the headaches.
My headaches went away along with the pain in my lower and mid back.
I ordered the orthotic lifts for my shoes and that seemed to help a lot. I’m able to be on my feet for longer periods of time.

Lula D.
I had recently mo ved to the Cities and I didn’t know where to go so continued to drive back to my own Chiropractor.
Then I saw Dr. Scranton’s nice advertisement and decided to give him a try.
I am very glad I did. He has really helped me. I don’t have all the pain I was carrying around. I can turn my neck without pain the terrible pain in my upper back is gone. I can enjoy walking more without my legs bothering me. My lower back doesn’t bother me nearly as much.
I enjoy going to see him because I know he is making me better. Thank you Dr. Scranton

Lynn W.
I was having pain my lower back. I just couldn’t get comfortable. My back hurt all the time– standing, sitting, sleeping. I just couldn’t see to get relief from my pain.
My biggest problem was sleeping. My back hurt when I laid down at night. I had trouble finding a comfortable position, so I didn’t get much sleep. My back still hurt in the morning.
I would take Ibeprofin to relieve the pain, but it was only temporary relief. Within several visits to Dr. Scranton my back felt better.
After just two or three visits I was able to get a good nights sleep. I had ore energy and day-to-day tasks were easier to accomplish.
I’m very impressed with Dr. Scranton and the technology he uses. I’ve recommended him to friends and family. Dr. Scranton has been a blessing to my health care.

Marian K.
I have osteoporosis, for one thing, and I have been having such terrible headaches for about four months and I was really leery about going to a chiropractor on the account of my osteoporosis. I didn’t want to break any more bones. I saw an ad in the paper for Dr. Scranton and decided to try it. And he has helped me.
My neck is better. I don’t have the headaches and I feel much better than I did before I came. I’ve had spinal fractures and I’ve had rib fractures and I didn’t want any more broken bones. But I don’t worry about that now.

Marilyn B.
I have rods in my neck and the lower part of my back. I had an MRI and the doctor told me I would need another surgery on my back. It would be my sixth surgery and I did not want another surgery.
I had a terrible time doing dishes putting on a bra or trying to do my housework.
I did not take any prescriptions I just suffered. If I took pain pills I cannot focus or drive my truck.
I can do my dishes and do not have to stop all the time to get hem done. I can also sleep better and do my house work.

Mary K.
I would have severe hip pain and burning in my thigh and if I went outside in the cold I would be crying because I was in so much pain. I had had that for about ten years. I had been to a neurologist and different people and it never got any better.
My mom started coming here and she was getting great relief from the problems she had and so I came and I’ve been getting some relief and if not even better for me.
Well, with the cold I haven’t been in any pain as it’s been cold a lot right now. I’ve improved a lot and I’ve been sleeping a lot better.

Mary N.
I was having a lot of problems with my lower back and my legs. I couldn’t hardly do my house work. I was very grouchy, anxious and irritable and at times got very depressed. I was also having problems with my neck and couldn’t sleep good.
It prevented me from walking and going to different events that would be going on. I couldn’t take long vacations because I couldn’t walk very far. Also I couldn’t sit to long or I wouldn’t be able to get up. I couldn’t drive far I would start hu rting to bad.
I went to M.D and ORA Doctors. I was injected. I was taking prescription’s that the Doctors would give me and medicine over the counter. They sent me to Physical Therapy. I tried some of everything.
I got to where I can walk better. I can do some of my work at home better. My big problem is to learn to bend so I wont hurt so bad. I can go places without hurting so bad and be with my friends and family more and enjoy it.
I still hurt sometimes but the pain is not running down my arm like it use to and the pain is not always running from my right hip to my toes. I can lay down hurting and after a few hours when I wake the pain is gone and I feel better. At times I can go up stairs and down without holding on to anything. I’m happy with Dr. Scranton. He is great!

Mildred G.
Prior to coming to Dr. Scranton, I was suffering with severe pain for a year. In my back, hips, shoulder and leg.
It was almost unbearable to walk any distance without crying in pain. I had very low energy.
I had been to several medical doctors, taking x-rays and other tests, which got no advice and no help at all.
Miracles do happen and coming to Dr. Scranton was one. At the time of this writing, I have been taking 3 treatments each week for 4 weeks. My energy is SO much better. I can walk with very little pain now. My back, hips and leg is 80% better right now. I take no pain pills. I’m 82 years young and I know I’ll be 100% under his care. Thanks Dr. Scranton.
P.S. My diabetes is so much better!

Muriel H.
I was getting to the point where I couldn’t do my housework. I couldn’t do my gardening. I hurt 24 hours a day. I didn’t sleep well. I was to the point where I was getting really worried about myself. I thought, “What it going on?” It was really bad.
I saw his add on the little newspaper. And I thought, “Now that sounds like a guy who really is interested in helping, instead of charging them so much that they couldn’t come to a chiropractor.” So, I said I will go and I will try him.
My first visit was very, very satisfactory. The next day I could raise my arms, I could move. Even later in the day I could do some light housework, which I hadn’t been able to do in months. And I am very grateful to Dr. Scranton.

Myrtle T.
All of my life I have had back aches, stiffness in my neck, and was always told to stand up straight, which was hard to do. I am now 85 years old and I have traced my problem to a time when I was about six years old. One of my sisters was getting married at home and my cousin and I went to play upstairs, getting into trouble with the make-up left out on the dressing table. Someone came to take us back to the wedding, but somehow I slipped or tripped and fell tumbling down the stairs.
All the years of growing up I had pains in my lower back. I never learned to ice skate, or ride a bike, as my balance wasn’t right, and I would fall with a thud. In the 50s & 60s I worked at the Arsenal. I met several students from Palmer College who worked there. One of the students asked me to be his client for an x-ray test he had to do. That’s when I found out that the several falls I had over the years had done damage to several vertebrae, and that was the reason I could never stand up straight.
I have moved and lived in several states. Also I saw chiropractors who used different procedures. In the South, I couldn’t find a Palmer graduate, I did not respond to other ways of treatment.
I moved back to Rock Island about two years ago. I saw Dr. Scranton’s letter and have been seeing him for over a year. I am very pleased with the way I have been treated, as my lower back doesn’t ache anymore.
I am on a maintenance plan and expect to go dancing on my 100th birthday! (With Dr. Scranton, of course!!!)

Pam F.
I was having a lot of lower and upper back pain. Along with some leg pains. It was hard to stay focused or work longer than a regular 8 hr day at work. After having some x-rays and other scans done I could see why I was feeling the pain I was having. I was irritable and grouchy with everyone around me.
With all the pain and the way I was feeling basically all I wanted to do was get up, go
to work and come home just to get on the couch until bedtime again. I just kept
thinking, “this is what getting old feels like!”
I did go see a Chiropractor for a couple of visits and was told to come back in a month. I’m not one to take medications so I was just dealing with the pain and making everyone around me miserable too!
I met Dr. Scranton at the Women’s Health Fair and I was looking for a second opinion on my aches and pains and I’m glad I found him. I am almost back to myself after about 12 visits. I can now get out of bed early, do some housework, go to work and work overtime if I need to. I can still come home and feel like I can do anything else that I need to do. I even went dancing the other night which I haven’t done in a long time.

Paul U
Well, I injured my back last winter and I tried resting it and it didn’t seem to be getting any better. Finally, I went to a doctor and he told me to go and assigned a physical therapist and I worked with him for a while. That didn’t seem to do any better. It just kept getting worse or staying about the same.
This summer, about July or August, I had heard about Dr. Scranton’s methods and talked to his dad, and of course his dad recommended him highly.
I started taking treatments from him. After a few sessions I started feeling better.

Rich L.
Inability to continue sports due to right shoulder pain. Lower back discomfort to the point of not being able to sit for any substantial period of time. Not able to “wrestle” or play with my children due to pain. One time while I was wrestling, my middle son landed on the left side of my neck with his knee. I soon lost feeling down my arm and had severe nerve damage in my neck.
I had to completely stop playing volleyball and tennis for over a year while hoping that rest would cure the pain. IT DIDN’T!! The left side was so painful that I gave up doing much at all. I used Advil, ice, and almost stopped playing sport!
MRI on my neck/ left side due to the nerve damage, tingling and loss of feeling.
AMAZING RESULTS! After just 3 adjustments I could use my right shoulder again. Then, after several months of work after my neck injury, the tingling ceased and the Left shoulder regained mobility. I am now back to sports without pain or discomfort. The lower back is a lot better. No more pain when sitting for extended periods.
Susann P.
Well, I’ve been under physical therapy and a medical doctor and a specialist for my knee for three months. And during that three months, there was really no relief ever.
I heard about Dr. Scranton through an advertisement in the Argus Newspaper.
With one treatment here, I can walk without pain. I can walk straight.

Theresa P.
I first came to see Dr. Scranton because I had lower back pain. My lower back hurt all the time. I couldn’t sleep at night. I was up all night tossing and turning so when I got up in the morning I was still tired. I was exhausted all day long at work. Grouchy at home, irritable and I didn’t want to do anything. I also had pain shooting down my leg. Sometimes pain in my arm down to my hand.
I use to walk 3 miles after supper or ride my bike. Shopping at the mall was unbearable. Mowing the lawn was terrible. I would hurt so bad after any of these activities that I just quite doing most of them.
I went to Chiro’s before but all they did was adjust my back and tell me I would probably need surgery on my disks. So I took a lot of Advil, used ice packs and heating pads. I also used BioFreeze, a pain gel and thermo patches.
At first I thought it would just be another Chiro when my boss told me about Dr. Scranton BUT I WAS WRONG. After a few visits the pain slowly started to ease. I noticed walking wasn’t as painful. I learned that the problems had a lot to do with my hips and my nerves were pinched. I am back to sleeping all night long. I’m not tired in the mornings. I mow my yard again plus my mother in laws yard. I enjoy going to the mall. I’m back to doing activities I’d stopped doing. I don’t need advil or creams. I’m so thrilled with my progress it’s like a new me. And the best part was not having to have surgery. I lived with the pain so long I didn’t remember what it’s like to be PAIN FREE. Thank you Dr. Scranton.

Adaline M.
It took me a long time to get out of bed in the morning. I couldn’t sleep at night because I was in constant pain and just couldn’t get comfortable. At times I would be so grouchy people just wouldn’t want to be around me.
I had a hard time going for walks due to having back pain and I had to take frequent rests while doing household chores.
I had back surgery, went for physical therapy, tried back exercises daily, used prescription and over the counter medications, but nothing really helped. If anything, they just covered up the pain.
After starting chiro care, I’m now able to go for longer walks, get a better nights sleep and I’m able to get up in the morning when the alarm goes off.
I was always told that chiros were a waste of time and money. Well, that is not true.
Dr. Scranton has helped me in so many more ways than one.

Barb S.
After several weeks of feeling tired and unable to do the routine I usually followed each day, I discussed my problems with my husband. He suggested I go with him to his chiropractor and tell him the problem I was having and ask if he could help me.
I was scared because I was having pains in my neck and while trying to walk I noticed my balance was not what it should be. I was unable to go about my routine and was scared to go any place alone.
I mentioned these problems to my medical doctor during my physical and he was unable to come up with an answer except to say it was due to the amount of prescription drugs I was on.
After several weeks into my chiropractic program I began to see a difference in my activities around home. I started doing a little more routine housework. After a couple of months I was doing things I was unable to do before, like walking my dog two or three times a week. My balance is improving and I am hoping to return to the gym. My final goal is to ride my bike with better balance.

Carol R.
I was feeling frustrated and anxious at not getting results from several years of treatment. I had begun to think I just wasn’t going to feel any better. I had lower back pain and built up tension in my neck that was temporarily relieved but returned within 2 weeks.
I couldn’t exercise or go for long walks. I always felt stressed or uptight — never relaxed.
I have seen all my symptoms disappear since I have been coming to Dr. Scr anton. The pain in my lower back is gone completely and the tension and stiffness in my neck is gone. I now only need to have a treatment once a month.

Charlotte G.
There was discomfort in my left arm, neck, and lower back. I didn’t sleep well because I couldn’t find a comfortable position. I used over the counter drugs to try to treat these symptoms.
I am able to sleep better, I have more energy, and I’m not as grouchy as before. The numbness in my arm has disappeared. I am able to breathe easier and have been able to quit using my inhaler.

Deb P.
I was having pain in my neck, back (upper and lower), and shoulders, as well as numbness in my arms and hands. I was experiencing dizziness most of the time.
I couldn’t sleep at night and this made me grouchy and anxious. I got to the point where I couldn’t do simple tasks around the house. I couldn’t go upstairs because of the pain and stiffness,
I have been to chiropractors for the pain and MDs for the dizziness. The Chiropractors didn’t seem to help and the MDs just wanted to put me on meds for the dizziness.
The first time I saw Dr. Scranton my dizziness went away. I don’t have to take meds for the pain. I am feeling better than I have in years.

Elaine W.
I had stiffness in my back from my neck down to my hips. I also had a lot of pain in my lower back that spread down my leg. My pelvis was often out of proper place and was “stuck”. I thought I was getting arthritis and would have to live with these problems.
I had such a stiff neck that it interfered with backing my car out of parking spaces. Back pain spreading down the leg made it very hard to lift my left leg getting into the car and walking up steps. It was painful to bend over and pick things up off the floor.
I took aspirin or ibuprofen and rested for most of the evening after work. When going up my apartment steps I used handrails to pull myself up some to make it easier on my back and legs.
When I realized what the source of a lot of my stiffness and pain was, I was glad to turn my care over to Dr. Scranton. My stiffness eased really quickly. Getting of the stiffness made me feel younger and more fit. I enjoy doing things a lot more. My improved condition will make it easier getting on and off tour buses which I hope to do for many years.

Irene S.
I was going to another chiropractor and had been for a couple of years but I was still having a lot of problems with my back and I still wasn’t able to walk or stand on my feet very long and now I can it’s just unbelievable. I was not able to do a lot of walking or housework.
I got the pamphlet in the newspaper and when I got that I thought I’m going to go to him. I’m going to try him and am I glad I did. I really am. It’s been a god-send to me. It really has.
I’ve had more energy. I’ve been able to do more than I’ve ever been able to do and then like I say being able to walk without having to look for a place to sit down. It didn’t happen right away but I would say it was say through the course of treatment here every little thing has fallen into place as I went along. I will be forever grateful to you. I really will.

Jane J.
I was a mess. I couldn’t walk erect. I was hunched over because of an accident that I had with my leg. It was pretty ugly and it was beginning to affect my back, my hips. I was starting to have a lot of pain. Since coming to Dr. Scranton he has elevated the pain and I am able to stand perfectly straight against the wall. That has been the main difference.
My primary focus in seeking Chiropractic care was my constant bouts with bladder infections and sleeplessness. Dr. Scranton approached the problem scientifically and professionally, taking x-rays before he tried to adjust to ‘fix’ the problem, which was very impressive (it was a new experience for me after having visited other chiropractors). Since he began adjusting me, I have to say that the two original maladies, which brought me here, have been alleviated. In addition, a bonus was included. I had been unable to stand and or walk erect since falling and badly breaking my left leg, 3 years ago. I am now walking erect and standing erect! Amazing! Thank you Dr. Scranton.

Jay H.
Some shoulder and back pain had resulted after doing much heavy installation work at my new car wash and I needed some help. Also, prior to 1995, symptoms of hip problems had begun to present much hip pain after extended periods of standing, walking, or working on concrete floors. I had gained some relief by using good arch supports in my shoes, but this was not a 100% cure. I determined that I was not going through hip surgery, which I had so many good but also horror stories about. My previous chiropractor had retired and, I must say, he never addressed the hip problems I had.
I have a high threshold of pain and did not stop when pain presented itself. However, the hip pain did take me out of action after the pain welled up. I had to take more time out from work or whatever I was involved in to sit and let my hip pain subside. I was awakened at night when sleeping as the pain crept up on me.
I used aspirin when I could for the pain until I could no longer take aspirin for the pain. Then I was restricted to Tylenol. I purchased the best and arch supports to cushion the pressure on my legs, knees and back.
The first discomfort to leave was the back and shoulder pain. This left in a week or two. My hips became a prime treatment focus and I was told that it would take some time for my body and ligaments to adjust and heal to corrected body positions. This it did! However, in a month and counting the hip pain disappea red and I was able to work for prolonged periods on concrete floors and fulfill a good night’s sleep. I continued using arch supports to enhance the chiropractic adjustments. In addition to the prime needs, I have better neck movement and less pain and neck stiffness, a condition I had tolerated and accepted. I can now work on my computer for any length of time without suffering neck pain.

Karen C.
I had never gone to a Chiropractor until several years ago when I was in a car accident and got whiplash. I didn’t know who to go to and didn’t want to choose someone from the Yellow Pages or the phone book so I asked a family member who they recommended. I did not have a good experience. After 2 or 3 visits of being hurt without any improvement I quit going and decided Chiropractic was not for me.
Over a year ago my daughter, Rebecca started working for Dr. Smith and Dr. Scranton. She had an appointment away from the office and asked me if I would cover for her while she was gone. I came and worked in her place for a few hours. I was really impressed with the friendly, personal atmosphere here.
Last October, I took a tumble down the basement stairs landing on my face and upper body, breaking my wrist and really messing up my spine. I decided to give Dr. Scranton a try but admit I was not looking forward to the pain of the adjustments.
I was impressed that he took x-rays and talked to me about what needed to be done. I also liked the computerized machine that he ran on my spine, setting off alarms where I needed adjustments. I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Scranton didn’t hurt me and had several different ways to adjust me. (The other Chiropractors I had seen didn’t do any of that or change the way he adjusted me.)
I am so much better now that it’s hard to remember how messed up my spine was. I’ve become much more aware of my body and know where the alarm is going to ring before I get here for my appointment. I don’t have the headaches I used to have. Now I know that when I’m getting what I consider a “tension headache” in my neck it’s time to see Dr. Scranton.
Thanks Dr. Scranton for straightening me out 😉 and enlightening me about good, quality Chiropractic care.

Kathy D.
I was having headaches about four times a week, lasting at least 30 minutes to three hours. Then they got so bad they were waking me up at night. I’ve been having headaches, that’s my main reason for coming.
I read a newspaper article that told a little bit about his practice, himself, and why he became a chiropractor. And he had a coupon that had a good price for families. So we thought we’d come and check it out.
My headaches are diminished. I don’t have any headaches! I had one after my first visit, and since then, I’ve been coming about six weeks now, and I haven’t had one since then. It has made a dramatic improvement.

Lily D.
I began my treatments with Dr. Rob at the early age of 9 months. I’m a pretty even-tempered child. Most of the time, however, I wasn’t able to sleep for long periods at a time. My sleep was fitful and restless causing exhaustion for both my parents and me. I would wake up as many as six times a night. Boy, was that rough.
In addition to not resting well I seemed to have problems balancing. Although I was eager to learn to walk, my balance would get upset quickly.
Generally my parent were very patient with me, but it was taking it’s toll on Mommy more that Daddy. She would get up the most at night. She would nurse me to soothe me and lull me back to sleep. I wasn’t hungry, but it was sure comforting.
I am now sleeping for 14 hours straight. After my adjustments I always rest more deeply. Sometimes my naptime turns into bedtime. On more than several occasions I have slept 14 hours following my adjustment.
I am a more cheerful and am sick less frequently. I am easier to get along with than some of my friends and I think that it because of my adjustments. Mommy says it adjusts my attitude as well as my back. Mommy gets her attitude adjusted here, too!

Lynn W.
I was having pain my lower back. I just couldn’t get comfortable. My back hurt all the time– standing, sitting, sleeping. I just couldn’t see to get relief from my pain.
My biggest problem was sleeping. My back hurt when I laid down at night. I had trouble finding a comfortable position, so I didn’t get much sleep. My back still hurt in the morning.
I would take Ibeprofin to relieve the pain, but it was only temporary relief. Within several visits to Dr. Scranton my back felt better.
After just two or three visits I was able to get a good nights sleep. I had ore energy and day-to-day tasks were easier to accomplish.
I’m very impressed with Dr. Scranton and the technology he uses. I’ve recommended him to friends and family. Dr. Scranton has been a blessing to my health care.

Madeline A.
I had a sore shoulder and had it for several months. It kept me from doing many things. I have always been prone to headaches and sinus problems.
I am right handed and it was my right shoulder that hurt. I was beginning to get adept with my left hand as I could not reach very far. It was hard to sew and write. I had to be careful how I slept so as not to disturb it and wake myself.
I went to another chiro who also had a physical therapist for 3 months but I got no relief. After reading the article written in the 50+ Magazine written by Dr. Scranton I decided to try him. Since he had the same problem I thought maybe he could help.
My headaches are gone and I can walk down the stairs normally, not one step at a time. My shoulder still hurts, but each week it feels better. I also find driving the car easier as I can hold my hands at 10 and 2 rather than 10 and 5 when it hurt my shoulders.
I did not realize my spine being out was causing me to walk down the stairs one at a time. I feel I am walking faster. Also, my sinuses are no longer giving me trouble. I do not have my bronchial cough each morning. I’ve always said my head wasn’t on straight, but since coming to Dr. Scranton, I’ve actually had to get my glasses realigned. I must have had more problems than I realized because I do feel much better.

Maggi M.
I have had hip pain for 1.5 years since breaking my ankle and being in a cast for 6 months. I was not sleeping and could not play with my children due to constant pain. I could not walk any distance and stairs were a problem due to the pain.
I was on prescription pain meds every day to make it eight hours at work. The orthopedic doctor told me here was nothing he could do to alleviate the pain.
After just one week I was sleeping all night again and have no pain in my hip. I can walk and play with my children. My children had noticed I was limping – but my husband told them what he noticed… I was no longer limping. They had forgotten what that looked like. I can climb stairs and am totally off pain medication.

I am Marianna H. A retired factory worker.
I slipped and twisted my leg, went to my dr. He took x-rays of my leg and gave me pills to take. After 2 prescriptions I was steadily getting worse. I couldn’t afford over $200 a trip to the doctor. I have no insurance, but had to do something. The pain in my leg was unbearable.
I saw Dr Scranton’s ad in the small newspaper that comes in the mail and thought that I should try him. I had been to a chiropractor before and knew how they can help. I was really surprised how bad my back was. It was in my lower back. I was so bad I couldn’t even bend to tie my left shoe. It took awhile but I can bend my leg really well now. I learned a lot from reading the office folders and doing what Dr Scranton tells me to do. One thing that is important is after treatment walk before getting in the car. And then after treatment be sure to put an ice pack on your back. I sleep many nights with an ice pack on my back. It really does work.
Dr Scranton and his assistant are really good and friendly. I like it to that I don’t have to sit and wait for a long time to get in. I would refer anyone to Dr Scranton. My husband comes with me because he has had trouble with his neck for a couple of years. I am glad I chose the Community Chiropractic Center. They are the BEST!

Mary Jo D.
I had been to several chiropractors over the years, dealing with scoliosis. Some were very caring and brought me a lot of relief. Some were kind of kooky. My last chiropractor before coming here was definitely helpful, and truly his rates were reasonable, but it adds up quickly, as my insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care. So I wasn’t financially able to go as often as I needed to, and I continued to struggle with pain and mobility problems. I took a lot of ibuprofen for pain control and to fight inflammation, and at on point dealt with some severe stomach difficulties due to the harshness of the ibuprofen.
My spine is healthier than it has been in years. I don’t live on ibuprofen anymore. I can come in to get adjusted, and not have the ADDED stress of worrying about the money. In fact, we have some “then and now” x-rays that speak volumes. My spine is actually much straighter than it was when Dr. Scranton started adjusting me. Since my spine is crooked to start with, I believe just “guessing” how to adjust it can lead to additional problems. Rob’s computer analysis, and his careful scrutiny of my x-rays, helps him know exactly what is going on with my back and neck. My spine is not like the “normal” spine (if there is such a thing), and so requires specialized care. That’s what Dr. Scranton gives me – a treatment program that works for my specific needs.
Mary Jo D.

Mary T.
Before I came to Community Chiropractic Center I had Lympodimia (swelling of the legs. My legs would be double the regular size. I had had several surgeries, which were serious, and they didn’t think I’d survive but I did. I told them Heaven doesn’t wont me, hell can’t hold me. I was left here to aggravate everybody.
I saw the ad for Dr. Scranton and my husband said “Give it a try.” I’m really glad I did. My leg swells some but it is not as bad as it was. I feel better.
Thanks Dr. Scranton.

Ray D.
I have suffered tremendous back pain after a big moving truck rear-ended our family van. The impact of this accident diversely affected my routine. Simple things like bending forward at the waist and turning side to side at the waist were difficult. More importantly, all the physical activities I enjoyed, like running, weight lifting and sports stopped.
I had tried a chiropractor before with so-so results. I tried over-the-counter and prescription medicines which gave me only short-term results.
Dr. Scranton’s advertisement in the newspaper expressed sincere concern and honesty.
Dr. Scranton’s thorough screening analysis and treatment have been awesome. I feel like a new person. I feel like a new person. The care and treatment he provides to his patients is 100% sincere and honest. Thanks to him I have been able to reclaim my active lifestyle.

Rebecca D.
I had burning sensations in my shoulder for a long time. I began working for Dr. Scranton and watching the patients. I had never been to chiropractor and was scared about my neck being broken. After a few weeks of watching I decided to let Dr. Scranton begin giving me adjustments. It hurt at first but became more relieving as time went on. Now my shoulders don’t hurt at all.
The pain in my shoulders kept me from being as productive at work as I would like. I would rub my shoulders and if was really bad I would take some Anacin.
The burning in my shoulders lessened and eventually stopped.

Tom C.
For years I have had hip and lower back pain that has limited my ability to engage in much physical activity. The discomfort was pretty constant and even with medical attention was still
Most physical activity was limited by the amount of time it took for the back and hip pain to become intolerable. For the past 3 or 4 years, sitting for extended periods of time became difficult and airplane travel became a chore rather than a pleasurable experience. Nature walks and hikes were restricted to walks around the block with even those sometimes ending in limping home.
I used prescription drugs and over the counter medications which brought minor relief. I have been under Chiropractic and massage therapist care previously but they didn’t seem to do the trick. They gave me short term relief only.
The focus and intensity (frequency) of the first 2 months of Chiropractic care have made improvement in reducing the back and hip discomfort. While it is not 100% gone it is greatly improved and allows me to get a good nights sleep. I also started walking again and managed 2+ miles without a limp!!!
I am not taking the prescription medicine anymore and use over the counter medicines sparingly as needed when I attempt to much physical activity.

Vera R.
I had problems walking, standing, and sitting. It was so bad that I would actually cry. My son would say, “Mom stand up straight.” I just could not. It prevented me from doing almost everything.
I was taking prescription medicine. I went to an MD and he suggested physical therapy and if that didn’t help we would do a series of shots at the Pain Clinic. If neither of those suggestions worked, we would try surgery. Of course, for me, surgery was out of the question. I did ev erything the MD suggested but it was no help whatsoever. As I was preparing to call the MD to make an appointment for the surgery I received the 50+ newspaper. As a rule I never read them, so I think God made me open it and inside I read an article about Community Chiropractic Clinic. I decided I had nothing to lose by trying chiropractics, so I cancelled the surgery and made an appointment here instead.
What can I say but thank you, Lord, who gave Dr. Scranton the knowledge to help people that are in such pain. I thank my God and Dr. Scranton over and over. I now can walk at Wal-Mart for 30 minutes or more and not have to sit and rest. I can climb stairs, sit comfortably, and stand straight. My children are happy and I am happy. I feel so much better that I hope to go back to work.

Vern G.
I’ve had a history of lower back pain and I’d had an injury in the service and my medical doctor treated it with asamatic medicine and I was not happy with those results. I read Dr. Scrantons report that he had put out in the local paper and I was very impressed by his philosophy. I had been to other chiropractors and I thought I’d give him a try. And that was my reason for my first visit.
Well I had some severe pains in my arms especially duri ng the night to the point where I could hardly move them and at one point or another I’d wake up and both arms would be completely numb. I’d have to take one arm and use it to move the other. Upon rising in the morning I would find that raising my arms above my head was almost an impossible task. He started working , after doing the xrays and thermal scans and he started working on that particular area of those vertebrea in my upper neck and I’ve had quite a few sessions with him, going on 3 or 4 weeks. At first you don’t notice right away anything.. but after a couple of weeks I started noticing that I was not having as much pain nor was I having as much numbness. And at this point in time I’m happy to say that we are about 85% in the good.

Kathy P.
What’s been your experience before coming to see Dr. Scranton? I had annoying “knots” in the muscles of my neck and shoulder area. They were hard as rocks and were there all the time. My husband would apply lots of pressure to the knots with his thumbs, but usually any relief only lasted a day or two. Since a car had rear-ended me in 1980, I assumed the muscle pain was due to that and I’ve just been living with it all these years. I had no idea that chiropractic care could do anything for muscle tension. Why did you decide to try Dr. Scranton’s Office? My husband saw Dr. Scranton’s very interesting ad in our newspaper. The limited-time offer for spouses appealed to him. He wanted us to go for himself and convinced me to at least try it since my lower back would go out every so often. What’s been your experience since seeing Dr. Scranton? I am truly amazed at the results, especially since I’m somewhat skeptical about chiropractic care. The first time Dr. Scranton ran his special machine up and down my back, I thought, “Give me a break – this has to be a gimmick.” To my surprise, after a couple of months, the knots in my shoulders are 100% gone! I was so impressed that I decided to give Dr. Scranton a shot at my left ankle. I had been a very successful runner in high school (1969-70) but had hit hurdles with my trailing foot many times. Although the ankle hadn’t hurt for 30 years, it had always been swollen and ugly. (One of my husband’s pet names for me was “Big Foot.”) Doctors had done x-rays and MRI’s on my foot and said that nothing was structurally wrong. So, I just accepted my big foot as the price I had paid for lots of gold medals and blue ribbons. I said to Dr. Scranton, “If you can fix this foot, I might even begin to believe this stuff.Again, Dr. Scranton amazed me. Within a few adjustments, the ankle had begun to loosen up. The puffiness is going down more each week. In fact, sometimes we can’t tell by looking which one is the big foot! I feel like a kid again, occasionally skipping lightly down the stairs with what feels like a brand new foot. I would never have believed it possible after all these years. To be honest, I still don’t know if I believe the theories behind why this is working, but who really cares? To me, Dr. Scranton is “The Man.”

Carolyn W.
Well, I hurt my leg this summer and I was having a lot of pain in my leg. So, I never have been to a chiro in my life. Then I went to one and I had a bad experience. I just wasn’t getting any better. So I quit going to him.
My friend told me to come see Dr. Scranton. She highly recommended him.
Now I’m a almost pain free. I feel a lot younger. I feel much better than I ever thought I would. I highly recommend him to anyone who’s having problems. I walk much better. My dad and husband watch how well I can walk now. I never thought I’d feel this good again! I really didn’t.

Don S.
In the Fall of 2001, I was cleaning gutters and I was up on an eight-foot ladder and I began to fall, so I reached around behind me and grabbed the gutter I was cleaning to keep from falling. I noticed I jammed my arm in the back of me. So I had a physical from my medical doctor several weeks later. And he told me he thought I damaged my rotary cuff in my right arm. It was terribly
I saw the ad in the paper of Dr. Scranton so I decided to give it a try, because he did mention rotary cuff in that article.
So I started the sessions with the doctor. And after the fourth or fifth session, my arm was getting better all the time. It had been sore for months. The fact is, I was even actually thinking about surgery, which I didn’t want to do. So when I read this article, I thought I had nothing to loose. So, I started this program. And up til now it’s been really good. I’m back doing my normal things. Golfing a little bit, pushing the mower a little bit, and just enjoying what I’m doing. What I would suggest to anybody that has this problem to at least give Dr. Scranton chance. I’m sure that he can help them in some way. I really didn’t believe it myself until now-the results.

Carole M.
In 1997 I was diagnosed with a herniated disc through a CAT scan and the doctor wanted to do surgery immediately. I refused and went to physical therapy instead. I’ve been having this lower back pain for four years. I haven’t been able to do much of anything. Especially driving, traveling or anything like that I contacted Dr. Scranton’s office and they sent me some information. And I decided I didn’t have anything to lose.

After one adjustment my pain declined considerably. I couldn’t believe it. I am able to move around a lot better. I am very thankful that I contacted Dr. Scranton and that I decided to go with chiropractic instead of surgery.